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Elevate Work culture & Collaboration With AI Powered Profiles

With a simple /whois command, employees can discover more about each other across organization and build meaningful relationships

Why Us?

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Streamline Onboarding

✔️ Welcome new joiners with automated message to share intro using profiles, fostering connection among colleagues.

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Boost Collaboration & Productivity

✔️ Facilitate colleagues in getting to know each other and their respective work styles, enabling quick outreach to bridge knowledge gaps effectively.

✔️ Elevate team dynamics with profile-based trivia, personalized coffee chats, and a supportive network for skill development and collaboration.

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Embrace Inclusivity

✔️ Bring confidence among everyone despite their background and geography. Share profiles to alleviate feelings of exclusion and bring a sense of belonging

Access profiles with just a command.

Facilitate closer connections among colleagues

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Access profiles easily: Utilize the /whois @[username] command to effortlessly view profiles of individuals within the organization, gaining valuable insights into their personal and professional backgrounds.

Seamless employee onboarding: Share new employees' introductions individually or with the entire organization, making the onboarding process effortless.

create or update slack profile
Create or update profile 
Easily create or update your profile using our simple interface by simply triggering a /whois command

share slack profile notification
Anonymously encourage colleagues to create profile
If a colleague's profile is missing, an anonymous notification will be automatically sent to encourage them to add their profile and let them know that people are looking for them

Colleagues Connect

Use the search option to find like-minded individuals and send invitations to discuss topics of interest

Transform your coffee chats and knowledge sharing sessions into experiences that are purposeful Say goodbye to random encounters and embrace alignment that guarantees colleagues vibrant occurrence.

AI-Powered Coffee Chat

Automate coffee chat pairings for colleagues across different offices/teams as a team bonding activity. Use AI to suggest icebreaker topics based on their interests.

Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder
Give praise to your colleagues

Praise your colleague using the easy option of Profile For Slack. You can praise them privately or share with everyone in the channel.

Send automated notification weekly / monthly to encourage top contributors for their outstanding efforts


Receive birthday wishes in the channel and celebrate with your colleagues.

Mobirise Website Builder
Our Mission

Our mission is to connect and empower individuals specially in remote and geographically diverse workspaces with our app. We strive to foster meaningful connections, create an engaging environment, and promote happiness at work. In these predominantly digital environments, where face-to-face interactions are limited, we understand the importance of building meaningful connections. By showcasing employees' strength way of working and personalities we cultivate a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere where everyone feels connected and supported.

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Our Apps are trusted and used by over 250 organizations

 Transform Your Team Today with AI Powered Profiles !


Empowering remote and distributed companies to elevate work culture and engagement with the AI Profile for Slack