Feature Overview
  • Profile Creation ⚡️ : Easily create or update your Slack profile to showcase your information.
  • Colleague Connect ☕️ : Automated coffee chat invite with a topic tailored based on interest using AI, or invite your colleagues to chat using our tool.
  • Discover Colleagues 👀 : Discover colleagues' profiles through easy searches based on their interests, names, and more.
  • Profile Sharing 🔗 : Share your profile with individuals or groups in channels, groups, or direct messages.
  • Celebration 🥳 : Automate birthday and work anniversary greetings, sending wishes in user time zones.
  • Praise 💬 : Easily give praise to your colleagues privately or share with everyone in the channel just with one click.
  • Admin Panel Settings ⚙️ : Have control over profile creation notifications through the admin panel.
  • Customer Support 📣 : Access dedicated support for any profile-related inquiries or issues.


per user / month

  • First 1 Month FREE
  • Includes all the features mentioned above in feature overview


  • For teams with more than 300 users contact us

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The FREE plan provides access to all the features listed above for a one-month duration. You can set up coffee chats, automated birthdays and work anniversaries greetings, create profiles, and enjoy unlimited profile sharing within channel, groups or dm. Furthermore, you can send an unlimited number of praises.

Active users are determined automatically based on those who have engaged in creating profiles, adding birthdays or work anniversary celebrations, participating in coffee chats, interacting with other profiles, and giving or receiving praise from peers.

Each user is counted only once, regardless of how many features they utilize.

Both billing options are available. For an annual plan, you have the option to make a one-time payment or In the case of a monthly plan, you will receive a monthly payment link for your convenience for the chosen number of users. You can cancel your subscription at any time by discontinuing payments for the upcoming duration. Please note that we do not provide refunds for payments already made. You may continue using the app for the duration you have already paid for


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